Friday, October 31, 2008

My Daughter is having a Christmas special on her website!!!! Check it out!!
She is a gateway to a lot of American and Canadian stores also so you can't beat this deal!!! Safe shopping from your armchair, speedy delivery and the delivery fees are free with a $75. order or more!!! Other perks too so go have a look!!! Offer good until Dec.12th!!!
;) tell her Mom sent ya!!!

Oooooooo.......Hallowe'en!! Lots of little goblins out tonight.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hmmm, been busy at work!! Bet you all know what that is like!!! We are now computerized and i LOVE it!!! it is going to make life sooo much simpler!!!! That is, it will once all the bugs are worked out and I get so I know what I am doing!!! LOL!!

Looking forward to the weekend and a chance to take some more pictures!!! Took a few action shots last weekend!! I have some willing volunteers!!! I need more practice though!! My volunteers work for little pay!! Just a chance to get to click the camera so any picture you see with me in it is taken by a 2,4,6 or 9 year old!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Natalie's Technique Class

I have really been enjoying this class and just have not had the time to do as much as I wanted to as she is posting but I am going to try it all before I am done!! She just posted the instructions for making an album from scratch!!! I can't wait to do that!! I have done a couple of l/o's using some of her techniques and ideas!! It is different from what I usually do but I like it!!
My next project will be a 12x12 album!! I can only hope that it will turn out like the picture of it I have in my head!!

Photos with the kids at Northern Pond

The kids wanted to go to the beach with me but we went to Northern Pond instead.It has a bit of a beach at the back end of it. Really it is the seawall that holds back the sea from flooding the fresh water pond and also the road! There is plenty of beachy things to do there and the kids availed themselves of the rocks and sand and water!! While they were busy I was busy clicking away with my camera. I used my tripod for the first time. It will take a bit of getting used to but I am determined to learn and get better. Practice is the key i have been told and there is nothing I like better than to snap away!!!

We stayed until it was getting quite shady and then headed for the volley ball court to drop Anna and Aidan off with their Mom. I headed home to upload the pictures to see what I got! I took approx. 260 pics and had a few that I was happy with and a few more that were keepers even if they weren't the best! If I only kept the best I would never have any to scrapbook with and that just would not do!!! LOL!