Monday, May 18, 2009

Drat!...I am no good at.......

posting every day!!! I want to be really good at it but I guess life just gets in the way!! After all, life IS for living not just reading!!! LOL!!

I am loving our spring!! We have had lots of rain but the grass is so green and the halo of green fuzzing out over the willows is so easy on the eyes!! My eyes need a rest from the harshness of winter!!

Don't you just love the tiny little flower buds on the lilac tree! It amazes me that I can see just how loaded in sweet smelling blooms that tree will be in a few short weeks!! And there is hardly a leaf yet!!! The promise of spring is all around us in the month of May, in the tiny blossoms, the new buds and the birthing of the fiddleheads!!!