Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two days in a row!!! I am doing so good!

Well Dorothys surgery went well and though she is still in intensive care she is feeling better and recovery nicely. Arlene, her sister, got to talk to her on the phone!!! I knew that God was going to have total control over that operation!!! Want to know why??? Well in the early morning yesterday, I looked out my window and I saw the most beautiful sunrise!! I just knew that a God who could make that and hang it on the canvass of the sky was not going to have any trouble with an anurisym!! Here is what i saw:

Monday, December 1, 2008

It has been awhile!! the time seems to fly by and then something will happen that makes you stop in your tracks and realize that the important things in life are the people in it!!! Not the things or the events but the people in your lives who are more important to you than you ever realized!Yesterday, a friend and cousin, was flown to the nearest hospital and it was discovered that she has not one but three anurisyms on her brain!! One is leaking so in the morning the doctors will use a coil and a vein in her leg for access to the brain and cauterize the leaking one. There is no other way to get to it because of where it is.!! Dorothy is 52 years old and just cause someone has always been in your life doesn't mean they always will be and that has really been brought home to me. I didn't realize what she meant to me as a friend and a neighbour until I was in danger of losing her from my life!! I hope I never again take friend and family for granted!! So if any of you are reading this please take the time to say a prayer for Dorothy because it is the one thing that you can do that can make a real difference!!! it works and I am trusting God for Dorothys life!!!