Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Gorgeous Day ...

But it is very fallish here today!! the air looks and feels different. Don't know how to explain it but when fall comes you can actually see it! I love the fall season!!! it is my favorite!!

Went to my sister n laws swimming this afternoon!! Not many days left to sit around and in the pool!!! My SIL has 6 grandchildren!! The oldest is 12 and the youngest is 2!!! The little ones love coming in the pool with me with out their water wings!!! Anden mostly wants his on because he still is not sure of the water in his face!!! He is the 2 year old. Aidan, his brother is nearly 4 and swims very well!!!Mostly all underwater!!! he is just learning to do the crawl!! So cute to watch! Aidan and his sister Anna(6years) like to jump off of my shoulders into the water and dive with me to the bottom of the pool to pick up objects! Anna is a little fish!!! Really a good strong swimmer already!!

I was going to go gooseberrying this afternoon but as you have read, I didn't...must go now and get ready for another workday tomorrow!! Night!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Have I Mentioned ...

that I love scrapbooking??? Oh YEAH!!! I really do!. And....I have tons of wedding pics to do!!

My DD got married July 28th this summer and I am doing her wedding album. I have an acrylic album I want to do of those pics too but I am so scared to start that paticular project!! Eventually I will get at it though!!! here is a l/o I did last night during a one hour challenge at

the sketch is by that site owner, Kristine Davidson!!!
I won the participation prize!
It also won L/O of the day over at I was so honored!

I am so enjoying all the pictures from the wedding and there are many I can tell you!!! So far all I have scrapped are the candid ones that Amy Dow took!! Of course she didn't take any of the honeymoon ones, they were taken by my daughter!! LOL

I made all Katie's wedding invitations also. The pics aren't the best but here is the outside of the invitation! I took that picture!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Sail around Grand Manan ...

Sunday, August 24th...we took a boat ride around the island of Grand Manan.

It was a beautiful day for a sail and we had good company and a 'new to us' boat.
Off we went, out of the harbour and out among the islands!

On our sail we passed by herring weirs and salmon cages

The cliffs on the back of Grand Manan are impressive!

he fog is often thick and sometimes small clouds of it hang low and solitary,
even though the sun is shining brightly!

We came around to North Head and started the final jaunt towards home when we came upon a kayack floating on the water with the oars still shipped aboard her


No one was in sight on the water, so we hauled it aboard and called Fundy traffic to report it in case someone was in trouble. It looked as if it had just drifted from the shore but we had no idea from which shore! luckily another boat hailed us and told us where they had seen two people waving from the shores of a small uninhabited island.

We returned their kayack.They were sure happy to see it and didn't waste any time getting aboard of it and heading out!! It was a great trip and as we were nearing home, just passing by the Mumps Weir near the ledges when we ended the day with this beautiful sight!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Annual Corn Boil ...

Today was our island wide, annual corn boil!!!

The corn was sweet and soooo good!!! Yummy!!! We went to the beach where it is held each year to help shuck the corn!! Worked up a great appetite!! There were 6 big sacks of corn and everyone had all they could hold!
Everyone from the littlest islanders to the elderly make the trek down to Pebble Beach to visit with friends and neighbours and those from 'away' who try to get here each year for the event. The hat is passed and the proceeds go to pay for the corn and the sweets for after are 'potluck'.

Everyone brings something!

When the shadows get longer and the day is winding down most of us are still not in a hurry to get home!